Price Surge System

Exploiting Weekly-Options for Instant Profits

Weeklys are designed to be a cost effective way to trade around short-term patterns and events in a specific time period. Because of the short time to expiration, weekly premiums are a fraction of the cost of monthly options. It is possible to purchase numerous contracts for the same total investment when compared to monthly expirations.

That is my intention through this book and system. I will be tying together all the best strategy pieces with a few well-defined tweaks so that traders can reap the leveraged rewards of option trading, without the need to wait for months to achieve the profits. You will be able to take daily and weekly gains to achieve your goal of financial independence.

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Combining Long and Short Trading Strategies

Exploiting Weekly Options for Instant Profits

Many traders focus on trading straight forward long-term (long) call and (short) put option trades, holding the contracts for several months to as long as a year or more. While you could spend a lifetime learning about and perfecting these straight forward strategies, other traders are expanding their horizons. There is a new and unique trading opportunity available to traders willing to put in the time to learn about the different trading vehicle of “Weekly Options” and about a truly new and unique trading strategy … the Price Surge System: Exploiting Weekly-Option for Instant Profits.

Seven "Must Know" Secrets

Meet Wendy Kirkland

For twenty-five years I worked side-by-side with my husband, Jack, at our family-owned gift shop in Historic Biltmore Village. And, life was pretty good… until suddenly it wasn’t.

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You have discovered through the technical set ups how to more accurately predict the strongest candidates. I look forward to applying all that you teach and it should be very rewarding

- Robert

Again, my compliments to you. I've studied them all, from Welles Wilder to Bernie Schaeffer, and you make more sense than all of them put together!

- Jim